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We recently relocated to the downtown Wake Forest Historic District and are now located in the beautiful 501 North Main Street building which has an interesting and diverse history.  
The building was constructed in 1905 on what was called “Faculty Row” associated with Wake Forest College. It was built by A. Jack Medlin and served as a general store and post office. The structure was later used as a bus stop and diner. North Main Street was also US1, and as cars became common and more people traveled from New England to Florida, the Old Medlin store put in gas pumps. Neighbors objected to having a filling station in the area, and the building became the State of North Carolina’s first zoning case. The store owners were denied the right to sell gasoline. With its unique history, beautiful construction, and gorgeous location in the Wake Forest Historic District, Wake Forest Mind and Health, PLLC is very pleased to call the building its new home.

Parking for the practice can be found in the gravel parking lot behind the building where the entrance to the practice is also located or on the cross-street West Juniper.

Wake Forest Mind and Health, PLLC

Wake Forest Historic District